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Since 1990, The Auger Group, Inc., dba Clearwater Group, has been providing environmental services, frequently on a rapid response basis.  The firm is a State of California Corporation, located in Point Richmond, California. Many of the current Clearwater projects are within California, however, projects have also been completed in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Texas, Utah, Florida, Pennsylvania, Canada and Argentina. The company personnel consist of geologists, engineers, environmental project managers, and others.  Clearwater Group is licensed for general engineering contracting in California and certified for drilling, hazardous materials removal and asbestos abatement.  


Olivia P. Jacobs, C.E.M. is the co-founder and President/Chief Executive Officer of the corporation. She is a Senior Project Manager and Principal Environmental Specialist. She has worked at Clearwater since 1990, in environmental due diligence, Phase I Environmental Assessments and oversight of all company work. She is an expert in industrial history research and evaluation.  Ms. Jacobs is a Certified Environmental Manager in Nevada and a California Department of Public Health-certified lead inspector/assessor. Ms. Jacobs is a co-founder and the majority owner of the firm. She worked at Waste Water International in the early 1980s on contracts to CH2MHill for smoke testing and evaluating sewer systems for leaks in Los Angeles, Piedmont and other California cities.  She has a bachelor’s degree in The Great Books Program from Saint John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, a master’s degree in health care administration from Texas Women’s University in Houston, Texas and almost three decades of experience.

James A. Jacobs, P.G., C.H.G., C.P.G., C.Pet.G., ToR QSP/QSD, ToR QISP is Principal Geologist for the company and has been with the firm since 1990. He has over 3 decades of environmental and resource geology experience and is a Fulbright Senior Scholar with 4 awards in environmental science. He is a certified hydrogelogist in California and Washington and a Professional Geologist in California and several other states. He has written over 100 technical articles and co-authored four technical books on subjects ranging from MTBE, Chromium [Cr(VI)]. acid mine drainage and oil spills and gas leaks. He recently completed a book with Stephen M. Testa for Wiley on environmental considerations of hydraulic fracturing.  His focus has been in-situ remediation of soil and groundwater impacted by hydrocarbons, solvents and metals. He is past president of a local sewer agency and since 2002, he was elected to the board of the local community services district which provides wastewater, refuse, recycling and park and recreation services. He has an undergraduate degree in English and geology from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in geology from the University of Texas in Austin.


Rob Nelson, P.G., C.E.G. is a Senior Geologist and Project Manager who has specialized in field methods. He is a California Professional Geologist and a Certified Engineering Geologist. He has over 20 years of experience in assessment and remedial projects.  Rob has a degree in geology from Humboldt State University.  He also has several years of experience as a geologist focusing on oil exploration, geotechnical evaluations and water development projects.  

Kevin Pope, is a Senior Field Manager at Clearwater Group, who has been designing and implementing field services for over two decades. He is an expert in direct push technology (DPT) sampling for soil, groundwater and soil vapor and operates the Clearwater Geoprobe sampling rig.  Kevin has an associate’s degree in forestry from Lassen College in Susanville, California. He also has a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology from Fresno State in Fresno, California.

Arron Wilder, is a Senior Geologist with over a decade of soil assessment and remediation experience.  He is an experienced project manager and soil scientist.  Arron has a degree in soil science from Humboldt State University. He has been involved with underground storage tank removals, excavation projects bioremediation feasibility studies and Phase I Environmental Assessments. 


Hermy Tam is an Administrative Assistant. She helps the Clearwater Project Managers to expedite the issuing of report and the copy, bind and send operations for reports and letters. She also assists Project Managers with other tasks as assigned. She has training in business management and accounting from The Themas Valley University in Hong Kong. She also has health care administration certificate from San Francisco City College in San Francisco, California.

For more details about staff capability, please contact Clearwater Group at (510) 307-9943 or (510) 590-1099. Olivia Jacobs will be glad to help you with your request or proposal.